Exploring Community-Level Impacts and Experiences

Rural Appalachia is no stranger to violations of environmental justice and human rights. In West Virginia, for example, the Elk River MCHM spill in January 2014, long-running mountaintop removal mining, and the state’s more recent shale gas production, all leave serious footprints on the countryside and in residents’ lives.

To help provide a platform – a voice – to WV communities that are being impacted by oil and gas activity, we invited Bill Hughes to share his experiences with oil and gas drilling on FracTracker.org. Through his web content, extensive community outreach, and photos, Bill has brought to the light the issues being faced by residents, as well as whether and how those concerns are addressed.

As anyone who has toured a well pad or shale gas field knows, seeing firsthand the scope and scale of drilling activity makes a greater impact on a person’s understanding of drilling than any article could begin to describe. Through Bill’s Field Diary articles, we showcased the diverse array of issues relating to shale gas and oil development activities in WV and across the nation.

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