New Feature Announcement: Geocoding of address data on FracTracker’s DataTool


This page has been archived. It is provided for historical reference only.

By Josh Knauer – Rhiza Labs

Rhiza Labs is proud to announce the addition of an important new feature to its Rhiza Insight tool (the program that powers FracTracker’s DataTool): geocoding. Users are now able to import a spreadsheet of street addresses within Rhiza Insight, and the tool will automatically assign a latitude/longitude for each valid address. This means you can now create a maps of customers or members, or any other set of locations that are important to you. This feature is currently limited to US-based locations for the time being.

Here’s exactly how this feature works. Let’s say you have a spreadsheet of addresses that you would like to see on a map. In this case, I have a spreadsheet of the addresses of non-profit organizations in Santa Fe, NM, along with their assets, revenue and expense numbers (btw, we got this data from the nice folks at Socrata):

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