Current Volunteering Needs

Want to contribute information about the unconventional drilling industry? Below are various ways that you can get involved with FracTracker. If you find a project that you like, fill out the form below to sign up to help.

  • Count Trains

    If you live near train tracks or are concerned about the oil trains that may be passing through your region, help us collect data about how many and the types of trains near you. Learn more

  • Host a FracTracker

    By request, staff at FracTracker will train participants how to use our mapping system. We also provide presentations on oil and gas drilling issues. For more info contact us:; (412) 802-0273.

  • Digitize Lease Data

    Lease data is stored at a municipality level, making it time consuming to collect. Help us crowdsource information about where drilling could occur by digitizing lease data. Use the form below to indicate your interest in this project.

  • Mobile App

    Submit photos, videos, and other observations to us directly from your iPhone or Android. Download the app and/or fill out the form below.

Additional Ways to Get Involved

  • Sign up for our Newsletters

    We offer three types of newsletters that you can sign up to receive: Monthly (our standard newsletter), As-It-Happens (when important articles are posted or events are happening), and Media Matters (primarily of interest to journalists)

  • Be a Collegiate Partner

    There are various ways that we partner with academic institutions – such as hosting visiting scholars, providing on-campus presentations, leading student tours, conducting joint research, and through our internships program.

  • Donate to FracTracker

    Invest in FracTracker and empower the public with our growing portfolio of maps, insights, and information. Help us continue to be a resource for good. The FracTracker Alliance is a registered 501(c)3 organization. Your contribution is tax deductible.

  • Attend an Event

    Learn more about oil and gas drilling by attending one of the many meetings and educational sessions that are held each month, or let us know about one that is not listed in our online calendar.

Volunteer with FracTracker

Volunteer with FracTracker


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