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As described in our data statement, we are proponents of transparency and open data. In an ideal world, all data that is analyzed or visualized would be made available to those who are interested in reviewing it to determine its validity. We try to replicate that vision in the way we work with other organizations, the maps we provide, and the energy-focused data we collect and analyze.

Throughout our website you will find a variety of maps and articles looking into the many facets of the oil and gas industry, as well as a growing body of work on more renewable energy options. Whenever possible we will link to the datasets we used to create such pieces. Data is more likely to be linked to or provided in our articles after January 2016.

Some times the links will take you to other organizations’ websites, such as state regulatory agencies, to download the datasets from them. These links are always available in the full screen version of our maps, as well. If the dataset has been modified by us in any way, we will host the file for download on our website and link to the file from the article in which it was used. Additionally, a set of metadata explaining the changes will be included in a zip folder when you download the dataset.

No password is required to access these datasets, but we do request that you mention FracTracker Alliance if you choose to publish your own analysis of the information elsewhere.

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