Clean Energy

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Clean Energy

There are many benefits to transitioning away from a carbon-based energy model to one based on clean energy such as renewable energy: solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro power, as well as electric vehicles when the electricity that supplies them is renewably generated. 

And did you know that renewable energy is now the cheapest source of energy generation? Learn more about the movement toward renewable energy generation from the maps and articles below.

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Explore FracTracker’s guide to resisting fossil fuels, protecting the climate, and accelerating the transition to renewable energy.

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It takes a lot of infrastructure to meet the energy demands from industries, transportation, residents, and businesses – and the vast majority of these facilities are powered by fossil fuels. What can we learn about the state of our national energy ecosystem from visualizing this infrastructure? And with increasing urgency to decarbonize within the next one to three decades, how close are we to completely reengineering the way we make energy? Explore FracTracker’s most comprehensive national map below to learn more about energy development in your state. Read more

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Sarah Jessie Liez, FracTracker Alliance, 2024

The Power of Misinformation in Blocking Clean Energy Reform

In this article, FracTracker’s Communications Intern Sarah Liez discusses the role of misinformation as an obstacle to clean energy reform and how it stalls initiatives aimed at transitioning to renewable sources of power.
Photo Courtesy of American Solar Grazing Association

Solar Grazing: Connecting Farming Communities and Solar Site Operators

Solar grazing offers a way to maintain farmland in agricultural production and build new, positive relationships between farming communities and solar site operators, which will be important for meeting clean energy climate goals.
Solar array in PA

Transitioning to Clean Energy: The Success of Solar Tompkins and HeatSmart in New York State

Peer-to-peer and neighbor-to-neighbor promotion and education helped pioneer a model for adoption of clean energy in New York State communities.
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