Social Issues

Explore issues related to environmental Justice, resistance, activism, and stewardship in our articles, maps, and images.

Social Issues

In 1970, the first Earth Day brought twenty million Americans to the streets to advocate for a healthy environment, laying the grounds for the modern climate justice movement. Explore issues related to Environmental Justice, resistance, activism, and stewardship in the articles and maps below.

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Photo by David Nix 2015

The Importance of Surveying Rural Landowners in North Dakota on Fracking

There is a need for more research on the human impact of the oil and gas industry in North Dakota, particularly on landowners and farmers, to understand their experiences and address their concerns effectively.
Sarah Jessie Liez, FracTracker Alliance, 2024

The Power of Misinformation in Blocking Clean Energy Reform

In this article, FracTracker’s Communications Intern Sarah Liez discusses the role of misinformation as an obstacle to clean energy reform and how it stalls initiatives aimed at transitioning to renewable sources of power.
Graphic by Sarah Jessie Liez, 2024

Fossil Fashion: How Oil and Gas Fuel the Fashion Industry

Fast fashion relies heavily on synthetic materials and nonrenewable energy sources, leaving behind significant environmental footprints and often involving unethical labor practices.

Why Do Houses Keep Exploding in One Pennsylvania Suburb?

An exploration of factors related to oil and gas activity that could contribute to the history of house explosions in Plum Borough, Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Watersheds at Risk: Water Supply Decline

Watersheds in Pennsylvania are at risk for water supply issues in the coming years as a result of fracking activities that are threatening the quality and quantity of fresh water.

Widespread, Lingering Impacts of Norfolk Southern Warrant an Emergency Response

Hundreds of reports from the frontlines prove that the impacts of the disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, warrant an emergency response.
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