Community Visits

Would you like to meet with someone from FracTracker to talk about how we can support your work?

We are happy to join a virtual or depending on the location, in-person meeting with community organizers and residents working to fight the harms of oil and gas infrastructure and towards just energy solutions. During this visit, we can share our existing resources, data, and maps, and discuss future ways that FracTracker Alliance could support your campaigns. 

Click the button below to request a community visit, or if you’re not sure how we can help, you can schedule a brainstorming call with FracTracker to discuss options.

We look forward to meeting you!


Some examples of ways FracTracker has supported local campaigns:

  • FracTracker has supported grassroots-led campaigns in California to fight for stronger setbacks between oil and gas wells and houses and other vulnerable sites. Our maps and analyses of the health and environmental justice impacts of wells have played a critical role in this campaign.
  • FracTracker conducted a risk analysis of a proposed petrochemical facility to identify vulnerable sites and the health and safety risks to them, which were used in public comment periods and resistance efforts to the plant.
  • FracTracker has mapped various resistance movements, such as municipal bans on fracking, to provide visual evidence of the clean energy movement.


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