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Issues affect people in different ways depending on where they live. Oil and gas drilling is no different. To help guide in your search for information about this industry in relation to a specific location or region, click on the links below to learn more about drilling at an international level, national (U.S.), or by state.

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Bird’s eye view of a sand mine in Wisconsin. Photo by Ted Auch 2013.

New Frac Sand Resources on FracTracker.org

We've added several new frac sand resources for visitors to our…
January 10, 2017/by Sam Rubright, DrPH
louisiana bayou proposed pipeline map

Pipeline Under Debate in Louisiana Bayou

The 30-inch Bayou Bridge Pipeline began operations in April of…
January 3, 2017/by Karen Edelstein

Hypothetical Impacts of Unconventional Drilling In Allegheny County

With tens of thousands of wells scattered across the countryside,…
December 30, 2016/by Matt Kelso, BA
You Are Here feature image

You Are Here!

December 22, 2016/by Karen Edelstein

Oklahoma and Kansas Class II Injection Wells and Earthquakes

By Ted Auch, Great Lakes Program Coordinator, FracTracker Alliance In…
December 21, 2016/by Ted Auch, PhD
For Persevere Post

A request from FracTracker Alliance: Help us persevere in fighting for a safer energy future

As 2016 comes to a close, our earth and all of its inhabitants…
December 19, 2016/by Brook Lenker, MA

“Taking” Wildlife in PA, OH, WV

By Karen Edelstein, Eastern Program Coordinator, FracTracker…
December 12, 2016/by Karen Edelstein

The Dakota Access Pipeline: An Uncertain Future

By Kyle Ferrar, Western Program Coordinator, FracTracker Alliance Eliza…
December 10, 2016/by Kyle Ferrar, MPH

Mariner East 2: At-Risk Schools and Populations

by Kirk Jalbert, Manager of Community-Based Research & Engagement with…
December 9, 2016/by Kirk Jalbert, PhD, MFA

Woody Biomass & Waste-To-Energy

By Ted Auch, Great Lakes Program Coordinator, FracTracker Alliance While…
November 30, 2016/by Ted Auch, PhD

The Sabal Trail Pipeline: A Sinking Feeling

Construction is underway for a $3.2 billion, 515-mile-long interstate…
November 29, 2016/by Karen Edelstein

Updated Pipeline Incident Analysis

By Matt Kelso, Manager of Data & Technology As massive new…
November 23, 2016/by Matt Kelso, BA
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