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Issues affect people in different ways depending on where they live. Oil and gas drilling is no different. To help guide in your search for information about this industry in relation to a specific location or region, click on the links below to learn more about drilling at an international level, national (U.S.), or by state.

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This section of our site focuses on drilling & issues affecting regions outside of the U.S.

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This content on our site focuses on drilling & issues affecting more than just one state in the U.S.


Discover data, articles, & maps about oil & gas activity in the United States by state.

All FracTracker Articles (descending order by date)

Photo by David Nix 2015

Documenting Oil and Gas Industry Damage in North Dakota

North Dakota is now in its third oil boom due to the drilling…
October 20, 2016/by Guest Author
Brook Lenker, Executive Director, FracTracker

Staff Spotlight: Brook Lenker

As the last article in our staff spotlight series, learn more…
October 17, 2016/by Sam Rubright, DrPH
Screenshot from Vulnerable Populations Map

Sensitive Receptors near Fracked Oil & Gas Wells

FracTracker Alliance has been working with the Frontier Group…
October 13, 2016/by Kyle Ferrar, MPH
Colonial Pipeline and site of Sept 2016 leak in Alabama

A Proper Picture of the Colonial Pipeline’s Past

On September 9, 2016 a pipeline leak was detected from the Colonial…
September 26, 2016/by Sam Rubright, DrPH
Rebecca Vollmer

Staff Spotlight: Rebecca Vollmer

As part of our staff spotlight series, learn more about Rebecca…
September 21, 2016/by Sam Rubright, DrPH
Chieftain Sands - Chetek WI Mine North

Frac Sand Photos Available on FracTracker.org

With the advent of hydraulic fracturing to increase production…
September 20, 2016/by Sam Rubright, DrPH
Wastewater Disposal Facility in Colorado

Groundwater Threats in Colorado

FracTracker has been increasingly looking at oil and gas drilling…
September 20, 2016/by Kyle Ferrar, MPH
Energy-related story maps

Energy-Related Story Maps for Grades 6-10

Over the past half year, FracTracker staffer Karen Edelstein…
September 12, 2016/by Karen Edelstein
Internship Opportunities Button

Spring 2017 Internship Applications for FracTracker Now Being Accepted

Title: FracTracker Alliance GIS Intern Internship Period: January…
September 1, 2016/by Sam Rubright, DrPH
Zoning in SW PA map

Oil & Gas Zoning in Southwestern Pennsylvania

August 31, 2016/by Kirk Jalbert, PhD, MFA
Starved Rock State Park by Michelle McCray

How Frac Sand Mining is Altering an Economy Dependent on Starved Rock State Park, IL

An Ottawa, IL resident’s letter to U.S. Silica regarding how…
August 29, 2016/by Guest Author
Karen Edelstein and her partner in Hawaii

Staff Spotlight: Karen Edelstein

As part of our staff spotlight series, learn more about Karen…
August 25, 2016/by Sam Rubright, DrPH
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