About These Maps

Recognizing the benefits to transitioning away from fossil fuels, communities across the US and world-wide, are saying NO to fossil fuel extraction and YES to renewable energy: solar, wind, geothermal, and hydro power, as well as electric vehicles when the electricity that supplies them is renewably generated. Below, using the following maps, we are tracking this movement to a clean energy future.

Clean Energy Action Maps

The Resistance – Movements Against Fossil Fuels

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Clean, Renewable Energy Movements

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Find and Join a Fight Near You

Together, we are big enough and bold enough to break down the power of the extractive corporations that lurk behind every pipeline and pumping station — and to build the future we want that’s rooted in dignity for our communities, stability for our climate, and respect for our ecosystems. Find and join a fight near you by exploring the maps above.

If you are part of a group fighting against fossil fuels or in support of renewables, add your organization to these maps by filling out the form below:

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