The FracTracker Alliance values the partnerships we are building with colleges and universities across the country. There are various ways that we partner with academic institutions – such as hosting visiting scholars, providing on-campus presentations, leading field tours, conducting joint research, and through our internships program. Learn more about these collegiate partnerships below.

Collegiate Partnership Categories


  • Spring – Paid, 6-month internships
  • Fall – Unpaid, 3-month internships
  • Ongoing – Unpaid, Visiting researchers

On Campus

  • In-class presentations and projects
  • Larger, campus-wide presentations

Field Tours

  • For small groups, including students
  • Gain field experience while safely observing oil and gas activity
  • Collect data such as water or air samples, photographs, or reports about community experiences

More Information

Internships and Visiting Scholars

We offer paid and unpaid internships throughout the year, as well as opportunities for visiting scholars to work with us. Learn more

On Campus Class Presentations and Projects

One of the primary ways we engage students, in terms of numbers reached, is through coordinating and conducting presentations and lectures to classes and students groups. In the last two years, FracTracker staff members have spoken at dozens of university events, providing students with their first introductions to the work of FracTracker and potential internship opportunities. Presentation topics range from interpreting and using’s maps to understanding the environmental and public health risks of drilling activity.

FracTracker staff also have the opportunity to conduct special projects with students. Special projects include, but not limited to:

  • GIS analyses of land use in shale regions
  • Reviews of energy-related environmental issues in the academic literature
  • Fieldwork when appropriate

Professors should contact FracTracker to learn more about what we can offer your institution and students.

Field Tours

This initiative offers unique opportunities for groups of highly motivated students and supportive faculty to participate in field research programs focused on the impacts of unconventional oil and gas extraction. Arrangements are based upon available funding to FracTracker Alliance and the partnering institution(s). Cooperative proposals to interested funders may be considered.

If you really want to get involved, field tours can integrated into an already established course curriculum. Tours let participants see what is going on in communities near oil and gas activity. Engaged participants/students may also choose to collect and analyze data or photos and assemble the data for use by partners and affected communities.

Environmental Testing

While participating in field tours, students or groups may also help to collect environmental quality data. Assessments may include but not limited to:

  • Physical Observations of Impacted Area – e.g. Hilltop/Hollow, Weather Conditions, Noise, Light, Odor, Runoff, Slips, Fugitive emissions, Distance from homes, and other structures
  • Water – e.g. Conductivity/pH/Temperature, Salinity, selected Metals, BTEX, Hydrocarbons (HC)
  •  Air – e.g. Hydrogen Sulfide, Benzene, Methane, Diesel, HC, Particulate Matter
  •  Biological Health / Wildlife Assessments

Joint Research

FracTracker’s staff and data have provided many researchers with information to support academic enterprises. See where our work has been cited here.