Get Trained Online to Use FracTracker: Webinar Series Kickoff!

This article is out of date. Please contact us for more information about being trained to use FracTracker’s system:

So you have checked out FracTracker’s blog and DataTool, but you’re still not quite sure how to get the most out of this system and you don’t have time to attend one of our in-person training sessions. Then you’re in luck!

Sam Malone, CHEC’s Communication’s Specialist, will be kicking off a series of 10 online training sessions to give you that boost you need. Audience participation is encouraged!

These sessions are scheduled to occur about every two weeks between February 21 – June 29, 2011. They are free, but registration is required. (The online registration form can be found at the end of this post.)

Webinar Schedule

Date Time Topic Recording
2/21/11 12-1pm EST Webinar #1 – Introduction to the FracTracker System Listen
3/9/11 5-6pm EST Webinar #2 – The DataTool – Registration & Exploration Listen
3/21/11 12-1pm EST Webinar #3 – The DataTool – Visualizing Data onto Snapshots Listen
4/4/11 5-6pm EST Webinar #4 – The DataTool – Importing Data Part 1 with Matthew Kelso Listen
4/18/11 12-1pm EST Webinar #5 – The DataTool – Importing Data Part 2 with Matthew Kelso Listen
5/4/11 5-6pm EST Webinar #6 – The DataTool – Sharing Snapshots Listen
5/16/11 12-1pm EST Webinar #7 – The Blog – Projects, Data Index, & Changes Listen
6/1/11 12-1pm EST Webinar #8 – Alternative Ways to Contribute Data & Stories Listen
6/13/11 12-1pm EST Webinar #9 – Wrapping Up – Additional Features &Questions Not recorded
6/29/11 5-6pm EST Webinar #10 – The Future of FracTracker w/Dr. Christen Not recorded

Scroll down this page to register for a particular session!

Don’t fret if you cannot participate in the live webinar; we plan to record and post the links to each of the webinars we conduct. Check back to this page to access the archived webinar recordings in the table above.

Not ready for a webinar training? All of CHEC’s upcoming events and in-person FracTracker training sessions can be found on our calendar.

Registration Details:

Upon completing the form above, we will store your email discretely until the online link to the webinar is ready for distribution. At that time you will receive an email from Sam ( reminding you about the webinar and providing you with a link and login information to participate.

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