Data.FracTracker User Survey

As FracTracker’s manager, the Center for Healthy Environments and Communities of the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health has created a brief online SurveyMonkey questionnaire (approximately 10 minutes). The purpose of this research is to determine whether and how people are using to make decisions surrounding natural gas drilling. If you are willing to participate, the survey will ask about your utilization of FracTracker’s features (e.g. data mapping component), whether you have used the system to help you make decisions about natural gas drilling, whether you believe that the decisions you made impacted your health or those around you, and your demographics (e.g. sex, age, race, education, and residence).

There are no foreseeable risks associated with filling out this survey, nor are there any direct benefits. There is no compensation for completing the survey. All responses are confidential, and results will be kept within University of Pittsburgh computers. Aggregated responses will be used for the purposes of writing an academic paper on the utilization of FracTracker for decision-making. Your participation is voluntary, and you may stop participating at any time.

To participate in the online survey, follow this link.

– Contact Information –
PI: Samantha Malone, MPH, CPH
Center for Healthy Environments & Communities