You Are Here: Sane Energy & FracTracker Collaborate on Fossil Fuel Infrastructure Mapping

by Karen Edelstein, Eastern Program Coordinator

The impacts of the oil and gas industry are wide and far-reaching. FracTracker explores many of the complex linkages among processes that include exploration, extraction, transportation, and use of fossil fuels can, and do, affect communities around the world. Our friends at Sane Energy, who do education, advocacy, and direct action in response to fossil fuel infrastructure, produced a terrific map two years ago that told the story of this complexity in New York State. This year, we collaborated with Sane to create Version 2 of their successful You Are Here map.

The updated You Are Here map, shown below, has been expanded to include both New York State and Pennsylvania. Using a rich media “story map” format, the interactive map shows the “big picture” of the major pipelines, compressor stations, and sites of concern—as well as some of the victories achieved in the name of clean energy. Now we have put a human face on the struggles presented by oil and gas infrastructure expansion. The new story map format includes narratives about the people impacted by, and leading the fights against, various pipelines, compressor stations, storage areas, etc. The story map includes interactive maps, as well as interviews, videos, and still images. Pop-up boxes associated with each provide background on each project, and also information about organizations working to stop some of the most dangerous projects.

We look forward to expanding and enhancing the new You Are Here map in collaboration with Sane Energy, as new projects emerge.