2019 Community Sentinel Award nominations now being accepted

The impacts of the oil and gas industry are visible across the United States: farms sliced by dangerous pipelines, neighborhoods invaded with fracked wells, towns choked by petrochemical emissions, streams littered with throwaway plastics, regions plagued by extreme weather and a changed climate. But hope abounds in the thousands of volunteers working in their communities and cherished places to document, report, and confront such fossil fuel harms.

About the Community Sentinel Award for Environmental Stewardship

To honor these environmental heroes, FracTracker Alliance created the annual Community Sentinel Award for Environmental Stewardship, now in its fifth year, to celebrate individuals whose noble actions exemplify the transformative power of caring, committed, and engaged people. In collaboration with a supportive lineup of sponsors and partners, the award is presented to multiple recipients at a festive reception before a group of fellow activists and others who champion a healthy, sustainable future.

Each awardee will receive $1,000 and will be recognized at an award ceremony and reception. In the event an activist has passed away in the last year, we would still like to recognize them for their efforts within a Legacy of Heroes presentation during the award ceremony. Please be sure you have the family’s permission to nominate a lost environmental steward before filling out the online form.

The 2019 Community Sentinel Award program will soon be announced, including plans for a fall reception to be held Tuesday evening, October 22nd in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The event coincides with the oil and gas industry’s three-day Shale Insights Conference. It seems fitting and appropriate to recognize the fighters and victims of dirty energy and petrochemical development opposite the nearby perpetrators of the harms.

Nomination period ends September 1st, 2019

2019 Timeline

  • August 1

    Nomination period opens

  • September 1

    Nomination period closes, Judging begins for the Sentinel Award

  • September 16

    Judging ends, Sentinel Award winners notified

  • October 22

    Award ceremony and reception in Pittsburgh, PA (tickets available soon)

Sponsors and Partners

This work would not be possible without our incredible supporters. We will be publishing a list of sponsors and partners on the Community Sentinel Awards home page.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or partner for this momentous event, please contact us.

Thank you for helping us honor these environmental stewards!