Staff Spotlight: Erika Ninos

As part of FracTracker’s staff spotlight series, learn more about one of the newest member of the FracTracker team, Erika Ninos, and what she’ll be working on with us.

Time with FracTracker: Almost 2 weeks!

Education: Slippery Rock University (MS), University of Pittsburgh (BA)

Office Location: Pittsburgh, PA

Title: Program Manager

Spotlight Interview

How did you first get involved working on oil and gas issues / fracking?

I’ve had a lifelong interest in the environmental and social issues related to the extractive economy in western Pennsylvania. I am originally from Fayette County, Pennsylvania and have seen first hand the impacts of coal mining and fracking on communities, the environment, friends and family.  I feel deeply connected to the land and communities of western Pennsylvania and my hope is that through my work with FracTracker we can assist local communities in their efforts to resist and fight the damaging effects of oil and natural gas development in this region and to find a new path of just transition towards an economy that works for ALL people and respects the land.

What will you actually do in your role?

Erika Ninos, Program Manager. View bio

I like to think of my role with FracTracker in terms of capacity building!  What does that mean? It means assisting the FracTracker team to ensure that all of our staff have the resources they need to work efficiently, collaboratively and that they can continue their amazing work within the communities and the regions we serve.  Specifically, I will be working in the strategic, programmatic, operational, and fundraising spheres.

Previous Position and Organization

Prior to joining FracTracker Alliance, I worked in a number of roles in the Pittsburgh sustainability and environmental community.  Most recently, I served as a Sustainability Coordinator at the University of Pittsburgh with a focus on community programs and student facing sustainability.  I have also worked at  Carnegie Mellon University, Chatham University, Pennsylvania Resources Council and Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens.

What is one of the most impactful projects you are excited to be involved in with FracTracker?

One of the first projects I’ll be working on is the 2022 Sentinel Awards!  I am incredibly excited to lift up and honor the voices of frontline and fenceline communities who are the backbone of the movement resisting oil and natural development and rethinking energy and economic systems.