Staff Spotlight: Ashley Kosak

As part of FracTracker’s staff spotlight series, learn more about one of the newest member of the FracTracker team, Ashley Kosak, and what she’ll be working on with us.

Time with FracTracker: Three weeks

Education: Rochester Institute of Technology

Title: Research and Program Fellow

Spotlight Interview

How did you first get involved working on oil and gas issues / fracking?

Fracking was a huge issue in the town where I grew up. I saw a lot of signs all over encouraging others to vote on legislation about fracking, and as I grew older I better understood why it was such a big issue. Over the past couple years I’ve learned the dependence on petroleum was one of the biggest issues we currently have in our path forward for a more climate friendly future.

What will you actually do in your role?

Color image of Ashley Kosak

Ashley Kosak, Research and Program Fellow. Read bio

I’ve been working on a project to help us establish a process flow for ongoing mapping! I really hope to make a system that allows us to be flexible with the work we do as a team. With how quickly things change and comment periods arise, I want to help this team keep track of the technical backlog and keep all the data organized. 

I hope to have completed a research project by the end of my fellowship as well regarding the impacts of the oil industry here in California.

Previous Position and Organization

I used to work for SpaceX where I was an engineer building their rockets and dragon space crafts. While I was there I created their Sustainability Initiative which has blossomed into a company wide effort. 

I also sit on the steering committee for SoCal350 in Los Angeles!

What is one of the most impactful projects you are excited to be involved in with FracTracker?

I’m a big tool maker type of person so I really hope I can help automate a few day to day tasks for the team so they can really focus on their research and advocacy. I feel like it’s something very simple but it will help everyone in the team.

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