Drink coffee. Support FracTracker.

FracTracker Alliance and 3-19 Coffee are teaming up to provide you with two unique gift options this holiday season – and they can warm you up from the inside in more ways than one. For every $25 purchase of coffee in a special edition 3-19 Coffee tin featuring FracTracker’s maps, you’ll be donating $10 in support of our work. Explore the two coffee tin options available this holiday season below:

Redeye in the Valley

The map on this coffee tin is by FracTracker’s Karen Edelstein and shows oil and gas transmission, distribution, and gathering lines (in red) in the Ohio River Valley. Purchase

3-19 Coffee Tin - Redeye in the Valley

Fractured Dreams

The map on this coffee tin is by FracTracker’s Ted Auch and shows agricultural production (green circles) and number of farms (degrees of blue) near shale regions (red outlines) on the West Coast. Purchase

3-19 Coffee Tin - Fractured Dreams