This map shows all proposed and existing hydrocarbon pipelines outside of the U.S.

Map Last Updated: October 2014

About This Map

Given the recent proposals to ship US shale gas abroad to buffer European Union and Eastern European nations in the face of the annexation of Crimea by Russia with thought it was time to generate a map that illustrates all proposed and existing hydrocarbon pipelines across South America, Africa, Europe, the Persian Gulf, and Asia/Russia. These are regions ripe for – or currently experience – significant political uprisings from the Niger Delta and Venezuala to the percolating anger associated with increasing economic stratification in countries like Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Oman. Much of this fomenting anger puts the global hydrocarbon transport network at risk calling to mind analogies to R.A. Radford’s “The Economic Organization of a P.O.W. Camp” where the economy that Mr. Radford created flourished until the input stream from the Red Cross stopped. It was at this time that the economy collapsed with its singular reliance on one input source.

We generated this map by importing JPEGs into ArcMAP 10.2, we then “Fit To Display”. Once this was accomplished we anchored the image (i.e., georeferenced) in place using a minimum of 10 control points (Note: All Root Mean Square (RMS) error reports are available upon request). When JPEGs were overly distorted we then converted or sought out Portable Network Graphic (PNG) imagery to facilitate more accurate anchoring of imagery. Control points were spatially distributed to insure that nonlinear errors did not resulted a common obstacle to accurate image rectification. Much of the Persian Gulf oil and gas existing and proposed pipeline data required that we repeatedly reposition the “Oil and Gas Pipelines in the Middle-East” to facilitate accurate mapping of oil and gas data for each country.

We will be updating this map periodically and it should be noted that all layers are a priori aggregations of regional pipelines. We initiated the work involved in this map in January 2014 and will update it quarterly when necessary.

Imagery Sources