Oil & Gas Activity in Florida

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Total Wells (As of Jan 2017)

Earthworks FL Oil & Gas Threat Map

Active oil & gas wells, & the counts of people, schools, & hospitals that live within ½ mile of these facilities. Project Launch: 2016

Seeking More Information

We do not presently have staff in Florida and would appreciate any updates our readers can provide. If you have more information to contribute to this page, please email us.

Legislative Update

The use of hydraulic fracturing and other stimulation techniques are being explored in Florida. Presently, approximately 50 cities and counties have adopted resolutions or ordinances to ban fracking, according to community reports and news outlets. See Bonita Springs, FL, for example.

Some legislation to regulate drilling practices in Florida has been put forth, such as HB 1205 and SB 318. However, there are serious concerns with pushing this kind of legislation through as it could have the effect of promoting the practice, including in environmentally sensitive areas, wildlife protective areas, bear and panther habitat and sanctuaries, near the Everglades (the source of water for 8 million people), and drilling near residential population areas.

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