FracTracker Visualizes Violations of the Pennsylvania Oil and Gas Act by Congressional District


This page has been archived. It is provided for historical reference only.

By: C. D. Volz, DrPH, MPH

John Dawes of the Environmental Integrity Project put up a very useful dataset onto FracTracker’s DataTool showing the geographical location of congressional districts. I have visualized this dataset along with locations of violations of the PA Oil and Gas Act across the state. One can get further information on each congressional district and the violations in them by clicking on the “i” button and then on the map to see details. Some of these violations are especially serious and include brine and wastewater entering the surface waters of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These pollution events can certainly have an effect on downstream municipal water sources-individually and collectively.

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  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous says:

    >Great Visual!
    This is a layer that citizens can use because any time they meet with their representative they can tell them exactly what is in their district. When possible it would be great to get a tally for the most "violated" congressional districts. Thank again for creating this snapshot

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