EPA Releases Draft of Hydraulic Fracturing Study Plan

The Environmental Protection Agency has submitted a draft of its Hydraulic Fracturing Study Plan, which is to be reviewed by the Science Advisory Board (SAB), a group of independent scientists that works with the agency.  According to the EPA’s news release, the focus of the study will be the lifespan of the water, from extraction to disposal of the waste water.

The 140 page draft has been made to the public. The SAB is scheduled to review the plan March 7th and 8th, and the plan will likely be edited based on their input.

Initial results of this study are expected by 2012, with an additional report due by 2014.

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  1. Citizens for Clean Pennsylvania Water
    Citizens for Clean Pennsylvania Water says:


    Our group found the stakeholder comments in Appendix B interesting.

    EPA received 5,521 electronically submitted comments regarding the plan to study the potential impacts of hydraulic fracturing on our drinking water resources.

    75% of the comments received were form letters supporting the use of hydraulic fracturing.

    Nearly the same percentage opposed the need for a study of the impacts posed by hydraulic fracturing.

    These figures do not indicate the results that our group and others have found.

    EPA clarifies these results by stating that more than half of the electronic comments received consisted of a form letter written by Energy Citizens.

    That makes sense –Energy Citizens is a group financially sponsored by the American Petroleum Institute.

    Analyzing the comments submitted without a form letter shows that 63% support the need for a study and about one-half of those commenters believe the study should be expanded.

    More realistic.

    The release of new information from investigators about the continuing use of diesel fuel in hydraulic fracturing fluid should trigger a Congressional inquiry.

    Does the use of diesel violate the Safe Drinking Water Act?

    The drillers say NO!

    PA DEP seems to agree with the drillers.

    We do not.

    Media attention needs to be directed at this issue.

    We need televised hearings and testimony by the drilling execs under oath.

    Thank you.

    Elaine Futej – Secretary
    Citizens for Clean Pennsylvania Water

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