New Arkansas Panel Report: Model Oil and Gas Laws

By Arkansas Public Policy Panel

Yesterday, we released the second in a series of reports on natural gas drilling in Arkansas: Model Oil and Gas Laws, Regulations and Ordinances. This report looks at how other states with thriving natural gas industries protect their residents. We found that many states and communities enjoy far better safeguards than Arkansas. The findings refute claims by the natural gas industry that improved safeguards for Arkansans will drive them out of business and hurt economic development.

We believe Arkansas communities deserve the best protections available. There is a way to balance natural gas development with landowner and environmental protection. This report highlights some of the best practices other states use to find that balance.  Executive Summary  |  Full Report

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  1. Nate Sandstrom
    Nate Sandstrom says:

    >This is a great report, but it all proceeds under the assumption that drilling is a foregone conclusion. Though, I suppose in most places where drilling is an option it IS a foregone conclusion. Of course, I recognize that it is highly unlikely that drilling is going to stop. Still all of the examples and recommendations are much too friendly to industry. New York's bond requirements for wells greater than 6000 ft seem to come closest to reasonable, and the moratorium on fracking in horizontal wells is an example to be followed. But it is disheartening the level of kowtowing governments at all levels make to the industry.

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