DEP Calls on Natural Gas Drillers to Stop Giving Treatment Facilities Wastewater

Reposted from the Department of Environmental Protection website:

HARRISBURG — At the direction of Governor Tom Corbett, acting Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael Krancer today called on all Marcellus Shale natural gas drilling operators to cease by May 19 delivering wastewater from shale gas extraction to 15 facilities that currently accept it under special provisions of last year’s Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) regulations.

“While the prior administration allowed certain facilities to continue to take this wastewater, conditions have changed since the implementation of the TDS regulations,” Krancer said. “We now have more definitive scientific data, improved technology and increased voluntary wastewater recycling by industry. We used to have 27 grandfathered facilities; but over the last year, many have voluntarily decided to stop taking the wastewater and we are now down to only 15. More than half of those facilities are now up for permit renewal. Now is the time to take action to end this practice.”

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Below is a snapshot creating by John Detwiler using FracTracker’s DataTool. It shows the wastewater treatment facilities mentioned in DEP’s ‘voluntary’ advisory of April 19, 2011. The larger the star, the greater the facility’s permitted wastewater flow (mgd).

To close the legend on the left, click the compass.

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  1. Brady Russell - Clean Water Action
    Brady Russell - Clean Water Action says:

    >It's important to note that this is an entirely voluntary move. There's nothing more to this than what you have read in this press release.

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