The Future of FracTracker

Dr. Conrad Dan Volz. Photo credit: Brian Cohen

The Center for Healthy Environments and Communities has received a lot of inquiries regarding the various reports that CHEC’s director, Conrad Dan Volz, DrPH, MPH, is leaving the University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health. This is indeed true, but many of the reports are misleading as to why and what this means for FracTracker. Since Dan’s decision inevitably affects CHEC and FracTracker, we thought it best to post a blog discussion about it.

What’s next for Dan Volz?

PopCity, a fantastic and local e-magazine and website, recently interviewed Dan on the subject after hearing the news that he is not renewing his faculty contract at GSPH, and therefore can no longer serve as the director of CHEC. Here are some of the excerpts from their discussion:

Are you walking away from the concerns you’ve been raising about Marcellus Shale drilling and the dangers it poses to our health and the environment?

Not at all. My intention is to be more of an advocate for public health around the issue of Marcellus Shale.

I am leaving the university to work on these greater questions. It’s time that someone rose up and spoke out about environmental policy and how it’s not only playing out in Southwestern Pennsylvania, but the world…

Will you continue your work with FracTracker?

This has yet to be worked out. I’m leaving the university. FracTracker is a tool for citizens and environment organizations, as well as the industry and government, to look at the potential impacts of this process. It is managed by CHEC. The software license is owned by the Foundation for Pennsylvania Watersheds… Certainly I will be participating as a citizen can on FracTracker. I may have a more formal arrangement in the future.

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    Anonymous says:

    >Dan is to be congratulated for his contributions (so far!) CHEC and FracTracker are invaluable assets to the community.

    Good luck, and thanks.

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