Happy Holidays from the FracTracker Alliance

Happy Holidays from FracTracker Alliance

Whether you are coming to our website for the first time or are a regular consumer of our work, we hope our maps, data, stories, and photos are informative, insightful, and, occasionally, inspiring.

If you’re one of the many organizations and institutions collaborating with us to expose harms, we hope our services and partnership have been of great value in your advocacy or research aims.

As 2015 closes, extraction impacts continue. While drilling has slowed in many areas, pipeline construction has accelerated and oil trains roll through our cities posing excruciating risk. Our activities – and those of the many brave groups fighting to protect their communities – remain critical. The urgency is amplified by the dire state of our climate and oceans, symptoms of fossil fuel dependency. FracTracker’s crucial role is to examine the exhaustive footprint and effects of extraction while illuminating better paths forward.

Our last name is Alliance – a word that can be defined as ‘pact.’ Our pact is with the people whose lives have been turned upside down and the advocates working nonstop for a sustainable future. It’s an Alliance for everyone who cherishes the common home we call Earth.

At this reflective time of year, we are thankful for all who take the time to learn about these heavy issues and exercise their concern. We’re grateful for cooperation and collegiality that strengthen our collective impact. We deeply appreciate the foundations and individuals who support us and enable our work, including the many patrons who attended our first-ever film night and fundraiser in September. At that event, we celebrated environmental heroes receiving community sentinel awards for their stewardship. What a difference committed people can make!

At this giving time of year, we ask you to consider a year-end contribution to the FracTracker Alliance. We ask this humbly, as we know there are many causes worthy of your support, including our sister organizations also addressing the energy and climate challenge. Every dollar helps so please give what you can, but do so knowing that your gift will be used smartly in service of our noble mission.

On behalf of the entire FracTracker team, best wishes for a peaceful holiday season!

Happy Holidays,


Brook Lenker,
Executive Director,
FracTracker Alliance

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  1. Art bouwers
    Art bouwers says:

    We live [address removed to protect privacy] within a 1000 ft of the first well drilled in beaver county. We also have gas lines being put in from several directions. what else is happening at this hub?

    • Sam Rubright, MPH, CPH
      Sam Rubright, MPH, CPH says:

      Hi Art. If you go to this map of PA drilling activity and enter your address in the search tool (top right), you can see nearby unconventional oil and gas drilling occurring near your home. Just click on the colored dots to learn more about each site. We do not have comprehensive information about compressor stations because that information is lacking at the state level, but you should be able to see wells drilled, permitted, violations as of December 2015, and SkyTruth-identified pits for oil and gas as of 2013.

      This map shows the general location of large pipelines across the US. The exact paths of pipelines (once you zoom in), however, are protected by the government for security reasons.

      Please send us an email if you have additional questions: info@fractracker.org.

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