Resistance to Fracking Around the World

This map shows the worldwide resistance to fracking – where it is being banned at local, state, and national levels.

Map Last Updated: November 7, 2016

About This Map

Around the world, local, state, and national governments are passing legislations prohibiting extraction of oil and natural gas using the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing. In New York State, where the gas extraction is touted by some to be the answer to economic stress and energy independence, there is still a statewide de facto moratorium that prevents the process from going ahead until regulations are in place, a generic environmental impact statement procedure has been finalized, and a health assessment has been completed. Nearby, in Pennsylvania, where unconventional drilling for natural gas and oil using horizontal, hydraulic fracturing technologies has been in full swing–particularly in northeast and southwest portions of the state–municipalities are prevented from prohibiting the process, as legislated in Act 13, which preempts local governmental actions of the sort that are widely being put in place in New York. Elsewhere, in Ohio, Colorado, and New Mexico, scattered communities are also passing legislation prohibiting this form of gas drilling. Outside the US, some provinces and nations are also taking stands against unconventional gas drilling, which has potential to be widely implemented in South Africa, Europe, and Canada.