Oil & Gas Activity in New York

In April, 2020, the New York State legislature permanently banned high-volume hydraulic fracturing (often called fracking) within the state. There are other types of extraction-related impacts being felt by the state, however. Use this page to explore content on our site related to New York and its energy portfolio.

Map of Bans & Moratoria in New York State:


Municipal Bans


(temporary prohibition)


Movements for Prohibitions

Additional NY Maps

Older / Additional Maps

This section contains other maps that we’ve made at FracTracker related to energy development in New York State. Generally, they were made to accompany a blog post or as a service to one of our users, but may not be in demand to the same degree as the maps above.

Last Updated Title + Link(s)
January 2020 Oil and Gas Wells in NYS. Map
November 2018 Location and Extent of Cargill Salt Mine, Lansing, NY. Map
July 2013 Registered Water Withdrawals in NY State. Map
June 2013 Bans Relative to Population Size Map
January 2013 Oil and gas well count in NYS and the US. Map
January 2012 Municipally- and privately-owned landfills, as well as publicly-owned wastewater treatment plants in NYS. Map
January 2012 Shale Gas Formation Layers in New York State. Map
January 2012 Health indicators, risks, and infrastructure in NYS. Map
January 2012 Potential risks related to LPG storage in Central New York. Map
January 2012 Natural gas pipeline infrastructure (in NYS and the US). Map
January 2012 Priority-to-plug wells in NYS. Map
Hydraulic Fracturing Bans and Moratoria in NYS
October 9, 2017 Dynamic Bans, Moratoria, and Anti-Bans. Map
September 24, 2015 NY Bans and Moratoria (Static, post w/comments). Post
July 4, 2013 NY State Hydraulic Fracturing Bans Relative to Population. About | Map

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