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    SANDRA MYERS says:

    I’m not even sure what year it was (before 2003) when we noticed an oily look to our water and smell and taste. I started using a water filter just to be able to drink the water. I kept telling people that I knew that all of the drilling in our Coventry Township area was responsible for the change to our water, but no one thought anything about it. I never thought to have the township come out to test the water, though. It got so bad, that I sold the house and moved out of the area that I had lived in for 30 years. I would never have moved if the water hadn’t changed.

  2. jaime long
    jaime long says:

    I wish someone would be able to make them be safer. My life and the lives of hundreds that day in 2004 when a H2S Plume was accidently released and no one was notified.


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