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Delaware River Feature

Staff Spotlight: Dominique “Dom” Washington

As part of FracTracker’s staff spotlight series, learn more about Dominique Washington, one of the newest members of the FracTracker team, and what they will be working on with us.

Oil train - Photo by Washinton House Democrats

Exploring the Fallout of Precision Scheduled Rail: How Precision Scheduled Rail Led to One of the Worst Environmental Disasters in US History

Rail incidents like the East Palestine disaster underscore the urgent need for the rail industry to prioritize safety and compliance over profit-driven agendas.

Youngstown Residents Stand Against Pyrolysis Plant: A Community’s Fight for Environmental Justice

The story of SOBE Concerned Citizens and their fight against a pyrolysis plant in Youngstown, Ohio, is a testament to the power of community action in achieving environmental justice.

Fossil Fashion: How Oil and Gas Fuel the Fashion Industry

Fast fashion relies heavily on synthetic materials and nonrenewable energy sources, leaving behind significant environmental footprints and often involving unethical labor practices.

Delaware River Feature

Staff Spotlight: Katie Jones

As part of FracTracker’s staff spotlight series, learn more about Katie Jones, one of the newest member of the FracTracker team, and what she will be working on with us.

Stop Toxic Threat: A Heavy Industrial Zoning Battle

The Norfolk Southern train derailment in February 2023 ignited a battle for public health, safety, and welfare over 100 miles away in Eaton Township, Ohio.

Where Do We Cross the Line: From Public Service to Public Threat

As industry expands within the primarily residential and agricultural community of Eaton Township, Ohio, community members wonder if the EPA and local government are doing enough to protect human health and the environment.

East Palestine Warning: The Growing Threat From Hazardous Waste Storage

Is the gradual increase in hazardous waste storage and incineration expansion in Eaton Township, Ohio, fueling a preventable future disaster?

Solar Grazing: Connecting Farming Communities and Solar Site Operators

Solar grazing offers a way to maintain farmland in agricultural production and build new, positive relationships between farming communities and solar site operators, which will be important for meeting clean energy climate goals.

Calling for Change: Life on the Fracking Frontlines

Frontline residents of the Ohio River Valley have first-hand experience of the impacts of fracking.