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Exploring the Fallout of Precision Scheduled Rail: A Rail Worker’s Perspective on Precision Scheduled Rail

Precision scheduled rail has raised concerns about safety and infrastructure degradation, with railroads focusing on cutting costs at the expense of maintaining a robust network.

Oil train - Photo by Washinton House Democrats

Exploring the Fallout of Precision Scheduled Rail: How Precision Scheduled Rail Led to One of the Worst Environmental Disasters in US History

Rail incidents like the East Palestine disaster underscore the urgent need for the rail industry to prioritize safety and compliance over profit-driven agendas.

Holes in FracFocus

An Open-FF analysis reveals how comprehensive regulatory and reporting reforms are imperative to closing holes in FracFocus data and holding the oil and gas industry accountable for its impacts.

The Power of Misinformation in Blocking Clean Energy Reform

In this article, FracTracker’s Communications Intern Sarah Liez discusses the role of misinformation as an obstacle to clean energy reform and how it stalls initiatives aimed at transitioning to renewable sources of power.

Fossil Fashion: How Oil and Gas Fuel the Fashion Industry

Fast fashion relies heavily on synthetic materials and nonrenewable energy sources, leaving behind significant environmental footprints and often involving unethical labor practices.

Solar Grazing: Connecting Farming Communities and Solar Site Operators

Solar grazing offers a way to maintain farmland in agricultural production and build new, positive relationships between farming communities and solar site operators, which will be important for meeting clean energy climate goals.

Donny Nelson harvesting his field at his farm near Keene, North Dakota. Photo by David Nix 2015

Fertilizer Production in the United States: How Big Ag is Fossil Fueled

Producing nitrogen fertilizer for US cropland depends on cheap and unfettered access to natural gas to fuel the industrial chemical manufacturing process for synthesizing ammonia.

The 2023 Legacy of Heroes Award

FracTracker Alliance and Halt the Harm Network honor the memory of three environmental heroes as part of the 2023 Community Sentinel Awards program.

Announcing the 2023 Community Sentinel Awards for Environmental Justice

FracTracker Alliance is pleased announce the recipients of the 2023 Community Sentinel Award for Environmental Stewardship.

Introducing Open-FF: Uncovering Fracking Chemicals

Open-FF is an open-source project that transforms the FracFocus data into an easier-to-use resource to help researchers, interested community members and activists find what they need about fracking chemicals.