Oil & Gas Activity in California

Click on the image below to explore our CA map of oil and gas extraction-related activities.

FracTracker and Consumer Watchdog continue to monitor permits to drill new oil and gas wells and rework existing wells under California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Click above to see the latest numbers and map. Browse the articles below to learn more.

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Kern County’s Drafted EIR Will Increase the Burden for Frontline Communities

Built on sound data and ample research, FracTracker recommends several measures be taken to protect the health of California's overburdened Frontline Communities.
Los Angeles, California skyline

California Oil & Gas Setbacks Recommendations Memo

The purpose of this memo is to recommend guidelines to CalGEM for evaluating the economic value of the social benefits and costs to people and the environment in requiring a 2,500 foot setback for oil and gas drilling (OGD) activities.

Oil and Gas Wells on California State Lands

The fossil fuel industry has historically taken advantage of…

California Photos and Videos

This album contains CA imagery contributed to our site from FracTracker staff and volunteers. Reuse is permitted so long as you cite the photographer if one is listed in the photo’s info section, as well as FracTracker Alliance.

Additional California Maps and Data

Earthworks CA Oil & Gas Threat Map

Active oil & gas wells, & the counts of people, schools, & hospitals that live within ½ mile of these facilities. Project launch: 2016

Archived Maps and Data

This section contains other maps that we’ve made at FracTracker related to oil and gas development in CA. Generally, they were made to accompany a blog post or as a service to one of our users, but may not be in demand to the same degree as the maps above.

October 2015 CA Geological Hazards. Map
October 2015 CA Political Boundaries and Oil and Gas Development. Map
July 2015 Santa Barbara Refugio Beach Oil Spill, May 19, 2015. Map
April 2015 CA Crude Oil by Rail Shipments and Railway Accidents Map
November 2014 Disproportionate Burdens for Hispanic and Non-White Students in California Map
October 2014 CA Communities Most Vulnerable to Pollution and Oil and Gas Development Map
July 17, 2014 CA Stimulated Wells by Techniques and Data Sources Map
July 14, 2014 CA’s Faults and Wastewater Injection Wells Map
July 14, 2014 CA Earthquake Shaking Amplification and Wastewater Injection Wells Map
July 14, 2014 California Liquefaction/Landslide Hazards and Wastewater Injection Wells Map
June 22, 2014 CA New Wells, Stimulation Notices, and Conservation Areas Map
June 22, 2014 CA New Wells, Stimulation Notices, and Freshwater Resources Map
June 22, 2014 CA New Wells, Stimulation Notices, and Air Quality Map
June 22, 2014 CA New Wells, Stimulation Notices & Existing Oil & Gas Production Map
June 20, 2014 CA Local Regulations, Actions, Bans & Moratoria Map
May 29, 2014 Hydraulically Fractured Wells and Land Cover in California Map
Spring 2016 CA’s Class II Injection Wells
March 2014 1.1 Million Wells Map
December 27, 2013 CA Well Type Viewer Map
October 19, 2013 CA Offshore Hydraulic Fracturing from Oil Rigs Map

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